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 PGP5815 EJP II Bob Wijnen-site NYC Unforeseen is Bob Wijnen's first project as a band leader, and what a band it is! Next to Wijnen, who lays down a really tasteful yet adventurous way of playing the piano, NYC Unforeseen features the always fantastic sounding Peter Bernstein on guitar, the "voice of reason" Dezron Douglas on bass, and the ever swinging Billy Drummond, who participated on so many great jazz records, on drums.
Wijnen was a sideman in many bands for a long time, and still is. Yet he always felt the urge to chase dreams and to show that realizing them can make you a happier and more complete person. One dream was to go to New York, the city where the jazz scene is all about what Wijnen is striving for in music: groove, swing, energy, an open mind and the spirit of the tradition of America's true original art form. With this wonderful band it all comes out.
You can order the cd in the retail store when you scroll down the page and through iTunes, Amazon and Google Music. Not sure yet? Convince yourself by reading these very positive reviews.


"Bob Wijnen is a fine pianist, who has assembled a terrific band of some of New York’s top jazz players for his debut recording. NYC Unforeseen is a great CD, fresh music from a mature pianist/composer who has honed his own swinging, lyrical voice as a player and composer. Not to be missed!"
- David Berkman, pianist

"This is the kind of jazz that doesn’t have to grow on you; this is the kind of jazz that makes itself felt from the first time you hear it. There is plenty of jazz that forces itself on the listener, but not Wijnen. Wijnen’s is jazz you want to listen to."
- Jack Goodstein, Blogcritics

"Instead of announcing his arrival by hitting on all cylinders and showcasing himself, he hands this prime piece of real estate to drummer Billy Drummond. Wijnen eventually gets to shine, but not before drawing attention to one of his bandmates. Not many musicians would do such a thing at the outset of their first leader date, but Wijnen isn't most musicians. "
- Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz

Buy NYC Unforeseen directly through CD Baby

NYC Unforeseen is for sale in the CD Baby store and will be available on Amazon, Google Play and in the iTunes Music Store shortly! Audio clips of non original compositions are 30 seconds in the preview.

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NYC Unforeseen preview

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